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The Fury Bandits Heist may be the cutest Play2Win game coming in 2022.
Mint a Fury Bandit and you can immediately start winning ETH, Blue Chip NFTs & Mintlist spots to other projects!

Our Project

Most NFT games make you spend months sitting around WAITING for the game to be released...

But we want holders to start winning NOW!

Prior to mint, there will be ample prizes given away in our discord. And as soon as mint is completed, we will use treasury funds to buy and give away the best Blue Chip NFTs to our holders via the Bandits Heist!

Pioneering Play-to-Win (P2W)

We’re Making NFT Gaming Different!

We’re taking a spin on the infamous P2E (play-to-earn) model and building a game that doesn’t require non-stop grinding. But even better, while our game is in development, the fun and earning start now! We’ll use treasury funds to buy blue chip NFTs and give these back to the community - with tickets earned via games, contests, discord participation and more. Even before mint - tickets can be earned through connecting, participating & having fun with the community along the way.

What Can We Reveal About The Bandits Heist?

The Fury Bandits Heist is our core game for the redistribution of blue chip NFTs.  Think Robin Hood set in the Wild West with high-stakes train robberies, stagecoach hold-ups, and PvP battles! While we’re building our game, the Heist will be played in our discord to ensure community members can get ROI from their Fury Bandit while they wait for the game to be finished!

We’ll also have a host of games, experiences and events inside our discord that will allow you to win other prizes such as ETH, Mintlist spots for other projects, and much more!


  • Game development! Begin work with our gaming studio to produce a series of bandito-themed games for our community to play (and win) later this year!
  • Launch discord and social media channels.
  • Finalize Fury Bandits staff and team.


  • Ensure stable and successful mint.
  • Use treasury funds from sell-out to start the stampede of prizes.
  • Invest in the long-term development of our P2W game. We’ll move quickly but thoughtfully to bring a fun and sustainable game to market for our banditos family.


  • Grow discord community via selective partnerships.
  • Provide real upfront value in the form of games & prizes to active community members.
  • Carefully allocate mintlist spots to ensure the community is filled with our ideal holders.


  • Release of our P2W game!
  • Ensure game economics increase market demand for Fury Bandits over time.
  • Continue to hire and grow our team to ensure The Fury Bandits Heist is one of the most well known P2W NFT games on the market!


Launch details?
All details about our launch can be found on our socials! Scroll down and get connected. Namely, we’ll use our discord channel to share all pertinent information. If you’re ever lost - feel free to ping our Community team and we’ll get you to the right place.
Will there be a presale or whitelist?
Yes! Of course. We have a mintlist for early supporters, but will also try to ensure bandits are available via fair launch. We have a talented team of in-house developers working on launch mechanics as we speak.
What can you tell us about the launch? How can we be sure that there won’t be a gas war?
Since day one, our team has been focused on a fair and equal process for launch that doesn’t require a gas war. We’ll reveal more in our discord as we get closer to the launch date.


Designer at a Major Shoe & Apparel Company.
Artist by Trade.
Waffle Aficionado.
Doesn't Kill Spiders.
Tech B2B Sales.
Former Division 1 Athlete.
Casino Enthusiast.
Gentle Giant.
Ex-Big Tech Product.
Sold a Startup.
Defi Degen.
Building in Web3.
Recovering Strategy Consultant.
Ex-Facebook Growth.
Hoarder of JPEGs.
Sports Junkie.
Ex-Facebook PM.
Mailroom to Here.
Speaker of 1 Language.
In it for the Vibes.
Big Tech Eng.
Visionary Napper.
Metaverse Traveler.
Builder and Scaler.
Big Tech Eng.
Pixel Perfectionist.
Catcher of 'Em All.
Carb Lover.

A Sneak Peek of the Fury Bandits

d. Vision


Balance and alignment.

Never forget that every element you place on a page has a weight. The weight can come from color, size, or texture.


Design is the sum of all things.

There’s no style over substance here. I bring together form and the function to create something that looks good and performs brilliantly. Simple.


Open ­– In thinking, in style.

Clean, minimal and effective. This is my main method. Clean code, fuss-free interfaces and expert execution, design as it should be.

f. Latest Project

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